Lymphedema Treatment



Lymphedema is a chronic, often progressive condition that can result in excess swelling of the head, arm, leg, and/or trunk caused by disruption of the lymphatic system.

According to Dr. Nguyen, who is certified as a CDT (Complete De-Congestive Therapy) therapist, lymphedema can occur following some surgeries, trauma, disease, or radiation therapy which often result in damage to the lymphatic system. The first signs of lymphedema include, swelling although this is actually the accumulation of the lymph fluids which are no longer circulating effectively due to blocked lymph channels. Other symptoms may present as heaviness, aching, burning, sensations.

Dr. Nguyen explains, “Lymphedema is most effectively managed with a combination of treatments known collectively as Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). While currently, there is no cure for lymphedema, we are able to help patients effectively manage the condition with the newest and most effective clinical treatments. We also provide support and educational infomation to the patient and their family members which allows them to add a level of customized self-care. This often includes new therapies and custom exercises which enable the patient to monitor and manage the buildup of lymph fluids. This is effective in further relieving the swelling and discomfort of lymphedema.”



  • Extremity swelling caused by lymphatic fluid
  • Change in skin quality such as skin fibrosis
  • Extremity tenderness or pain
  • Intermittent redness of the extremity, known as cellulitis
  • Excess fat in the extremity


As an effective treatment for the management of lymphedema, we provide Complete De-congestive Therapy (CDT). CDT treatment consists of four components:

    Manual lymphatic drainage

    Compression therapy

    Skin care

    Remedial exercises

What to expect:

Patients should ask their physician for a referral/prescription to the Lymphedema Therapy Program. Insurance information will be necessary. When appropriate, each patient will be evaluated and an individualized treatment plan will be developed. After the evaluation and discussion with the therapist, the patient will be asked to return for Complete De-congestive Therapy or CDT. CDT includes education, manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, skin care and self-management techniques and appropriate exercise.


We welcome all patients to our practice. Our welcome extends not only to patient’s scheduled to receive treatment in our facility but also to those who have questions about how to best manage there Lymphedema. We also invite care takers and relatives of patients living with Lymphedema to contact our facility for information and assistance.

Clients Words

Thank you for taking care of me from the top of my toes to the top of my feet
You not only treat me and your patients- but you also heal us as well. You are an extrodinary and phenomenal doctor who sincerely loves and takes care of her patients.
Genevieve GPatient
I am healthy without pain , thanks to Dr. Nguyen.
My friend and customer came to see my one day at the bank and asked how I was feeling. After listening to me she said that she could help me with Laser Acupuncture. She eased my worry explaining that the treatment would not hurt. I made an appointment. To help me Dr Nguyen met me on my lunch hour. Since than I have had several treatments. I feel wonderful. I have no need for antibiotic or anti inflammatory medication. I am healthy without pain thanks to Dr Nguyen.
Olga BPatient
Dr Nguyen calming voice
Thank you for making me feel calm as you worked on my face. Your gentle voice was soothing.
Janice RPatient